Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My first t-shirt from RedBubble............!

My first RedBubble T-shirt

I finally got around to ordering a T-shirt from Redbubble!

Redbubble is an Australian company based on the Cafepress-style business model; Creators upload their works onto the site, from which consumers can purchase prints or printed goods featuring the works. In exchange for hosting your image/profile, doing the printing and posting the item, Redbubble take a fee from the sale. It's a pretty cool concept and I'm really happy to support this sort of venture.

I decided on this design by "lowvincentyh", "lowvincentyh", available here.

Cute, ne?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Take me Home" exhibition at Keith and Lottie

Tea Party collaborative painting by Lisa & Jess
Went along to the Lisa Max and Jessica McLeod's exhibition opening last Wednesday night. It was a very cute affair, with very cute paintings and soft toys. I even bought a painting! (left). This year, 2008, is the first year that I have actually bought other people's art (not just the small zines, prints, cards etc that I wouldn't normally buy, but actual original art)!

Anyway, well done Lisa & Jess for putting on this very cute show! Also, thanks for the free pocky sticks, it made my night. Take me Home will be open until the 12th December at Keith and Lottie Gallery so I do recommend anyone to go and check it out! ^_^

Also, here's a quick review for The Moon's Caesar Salad (spare the bacon)... = At first it gives the impression of just being a bit plate of lettuce. Where's the anchovies?, you may wonder. Delve beneath the surface and there are at least 10-14 of them. Salty goodness.

Martin Will's recent exhibition opening.

Clare playing Martin Wills exhibition opening So I'm a bit behind on my blogging. Anyway, this was very cool exhibition by a very talented artist, Martin Wills.

Clare Nina Norelli played the opening night, and I could also eat fancy cheese on a stick. I tried to eat a piece of artichoke, but don't you hate it when you try and eat a piece of food that's too big for your mouth when you're at a social thing? It's hard to talk with a mouth full of artichoke. I still consider it a fancy vegetable, so that made the whole experience ok.

I also had a conversation with some people I know about the wrong-ness of the Hog's Breath Cafe Mascot. I think I may have scared them with my passionate anti-hog sentiments, my apologies.

All in all, a great night!

Simone and Girlfunkel at the Moon.

This is from last week.

Very cute and talented girls. ^_^
You can see their myspace here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The new Coen brothers' film; Burn After Reading.

Initially I had reservations as to whether I'd enjoy this film or not; it only scored about 78% on the tomatometer, and reviews indicated that it wasn't the strongest example of Coen brother's-style film-making. As one does, when they have pre-concieved low expectations, I actually enjoyed the film quite a lot.

I was quite pleased to watch a film where everyone was between 40-60 or so,... no young bimbos or token hotties,... The casting was quite unusual,...but with great performances from Tilda Swinton, Frances Mcdormand, Brad Bitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich, all came together well.

I particularly love the Coen brothers' style of extremely subtle yet fiercely cutting black humour. Unlike other "comedies," there is no need for obvious comedic conventions and announcements;.. "THIS IS A JOKE, LAUGH NOW!" type stuff. Actually for some of my favourite comedies, there wouldn't be so many "laugh out loud" jokes, but rather, an ongoing series of inward ironic chuckles.

I can see how Burn After Reading would only score 70-80% / 3-4 stars,... it's not THE BEST FILM in the world,... it's more like a lingering dry martini rather than a pina colada. Sharp, funny, subtle, by not TRYING to even be a block-buster, the Coen brothers nail this one, for what it is.