Monday, March 10, 2008

About Me


JAPAN!,language, art, photography, travel, dreams, learning, living styles, clouds, nerds, musics, arts, op shops, socks, street fashion, books, umbrellas, parasols, cameras, Scrabble, Boggle, Balderdash, mad-libs, sociological science-fiction, dystopian fiction, organic architecture, post-materialism, op-shops, social change, social justice, vintage dresses, indoor plants, video clips, badges, people-watching, idioms, jokes, language, polka dots, bright red, conspiracies, costumes, mix cds, knee-high socks, glasses, libraries, well-thumbed books, other people's junk, verge collections, the internet, interior design, fashion, being surprised, maps, gingham, pheromones, hair-styles, magazines, cubby-houses, time machines, ghosts, aliens, speculation, satire, black humour, robots, tree-houses, children's games, learning, memory, imagination, creativity, evolutionary legacies, tabula rasa, game-play, personality, perception, social responsibility, civics, manners, logic, pop, xylophones, showers, rain.

Favourite subjects

Music, Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese language, Asian studies, Anthropology, History, Psychology, Media Theory, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Sociology, Humanism, Mythology, Ancient History, Social History, Human Biology, Neurology, Behavioural Science, Alternative Medicine, Child Development, Evolutionary Psychology, Organisational behaviour, Religion, Politics, Economics, Epistemology, blah blah blah, you know, everything interesting.

Focus subjects

Japanese language/culture/society, History, Media, Character Design.

Favourite foods and drinks

Real lemonade, cupcakes, lemon meringue, sushi, sashimi, tofu, mochi, green tea, bananas, dates, avocado, baked beetroot, rainbow paddlepops, tacos, burritos, pizza, thai food, palak paneer, indian food, grapes, mangoes, blackberries, persimmons, kahlua, baileys, franjelico, beer.

Favourite bands

low, monster movie, blonde redhead, the dirty three, deerhoof, air, shonen knife, beck, mojave 3, slowdive, sigur ros, catpower, the books, auburn lull, boards of canada, manitoba/caribou, red house painters, lullatone, mice parade, bjork, pj harvey, nick cave, kraftwerk, radiohead, kahimi karie, radarmaker, pacific by rail, colleen, mum, my disco, architecture in helsinki, the necks, the flaming lips, the postal service, broken social scene.

Favourite TV

flight of the conchords, degrassi junior high, weeds, arrested development, northern exposure, the x-files, japanorama, six feet under, big love, freaks and geeks, the mighty boosh, garth marenghi's dark place, press gang, the it crowd, snuff box, the goodies, the pick up artist, gumby, plasmo, sooty, tim & eric's awesome show, anpanman, the human body series, art attack, full frontal, zettai kareshi, father ted, black books, nathan barley, manwatching, the human sexes, seven-up, cnnnn, chaser's war on everything, pbs news hour with jim lehrer, sbs news, 30 rock, the wonder years, family ties, the d generation, star trek: next generation, spaced, the funky squad, the twilight zone, amazing stories.

Favourite Authors:

Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley, John Wyndham, Desmond Morris, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Charles Landry, Steve Biddulph, Elizabeth Warren, Marshall Mcluhan, Haruki Murakami, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, James Howard Kunstler, Banana Yoshimoto, Chuck Palahniuk.

I spend most of my time...

Working (at a large library in Perth)
Shopping for food, cooking food and taking photos of it.
Reading random books and articles on the internet.
Studying Japanese.


Between 2003(?) and 2005 I played drums and bass in an all-girl post-punk group, Trashband 1987. This band was a joke that everyone took seriously, much to our amusement.

From 2006 I have been playing music with Greg, firstly in Jasmin Loop Control and then in The Ghost of 29 Megacycles. Best way to describe this kind of music is: "organic ambient drone".

My favourite bands/songs seem to tend towards post-rock, indie-folk, indie-pop, electro-folk, ambient, dreampop, shoegaze, slowcore, lo-fi, ambient pop, alt-electronic and cheesy pop. Check out my LastFM account if you are interested in hearing more of what this kind of music sounds like.


In 2007 I produced a series of cute character paintings for my first solo exhibition at Keith and Lottie, Tiny Town (2007).

In 2008 I curated and put on a group character art show, Candy Cult, which was part of the 25th Artrage Anniversary Festival. With help from Lisa Max & Teresa Watts, we put on a show exhibiting 36 local and international artists.

These days I'm too busy to put on shows, but have instead been working on a few commissions. I occasionally put some works and photos up on my Flickr, if you wanna have a look at that.